What a ‘Grand’ Idea!


We now have four new teas on our website which have been blended for The Grand Hotel, Brighton. These teas will be served as part of their luxury afternoon tea beverage selection and have been specially adapted for the occasion of taking afternoon tea. But are also available on the Kent and Sussex website to have at home.

The Queen Victoria blend is a perfectly well-rounded breakfast tea which holds itself with regal class and bold sophistication- just like the lady herself. A blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon, this tea compliments the style and class of The Grand’s legacy. This tea transports you back to Osborne House, drinking tea while overlooking the Solent.

The Grand tea blend is delicate and refreshing blend of African Kenyan, Indian Darjeeling
and Nilgiri teas which creates a light and full bodied tea that is perfect for an afternoon pick me up. With a bright, copper liquor and rich malty tones.

Signature tea; a fresh and vibrant take on the traditional Earl Grey, this signature tea is bursting full of citrus wonder with subtle hints of bergamot. This creates a perfect blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Keemun teas with a mixture of orange oil and sweet bergamot notes for afternoon tea enjoyment.

The Napoleon blend acquired its name as it is a tea that oozes nobility and a place in history. With hints of smoky charm,
reminiscent of the earthy, gunpowders and cannons of the 18th-century battle ground. This tea is a representation of the true, gun battled legacy that Napoleon left behind. A blend of Assams, Darjeelings, Ceylon and Chinese tea from Zhejiang and Fuijan; this tea has benefits of both green and black tea with a smooth and smokey flavour.

The Grand Brighton is an iconic Victorian property that is steeped in British history and stands center stage on Brighton’s famous seafront.” Afternoon tea at The Grand has been voted by The Independent in 2015 as “one of the top 14 Afternoon Teas in the UK”

Why don’t you pop down to The Grand itself to appreciate the history and class of the building while enjoying a spot of afternoon tea overlooking the great British seaside.

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