Welsh Breakfast Tea BOP


After much demand we have blended up this very fine breakfast tea to compliment our English, Irish and Scottish breakfast teas.

Our Welsh breakfast tea is a  blend of single estate house Assam BOP from the Sontipur District and Kenyan Milima.

Dufflaghur was established in 1917 and located on the North Bank of the Brahmaputra river in central Assam, situated on the south interstate boundary. Dufflaghur produces both CTC and Orthodox tea. This tea is known as black gunpowder, the young leaves are rolled into small compressed balls during the rolling process which helps the tea hold on to the deep Assamese qualities. Duffla literally translates to ‘Hill People’ and Ghur means ‘House’.

Milima factory opened in 1929- the only estate in Kenya to produce an orthodox leaf. Teas for Milima are grown at 6000 feet or higher. Milima  means ‘mountain’ or ‘high place’ in ‘Swahili’ language. Containing a good percentage of golden tips giving the leaf a similar appearance to premium 2nd flush Assam Orthodox teas of North India.

This is a wonderfully deep tea with sweet malty aromas and nutty notes with a deep golden liquor.

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