Tis the season…


..To over eat and feel sluggish! Falalala, la, la, la!

So, we have just introduced our liquorice and spearmint herbal tea and so far, it is flying off the shelf!

The botanical name for liquorice comes from Greek Glukus (“Sweet”) and Rhiza (“Root”) which is perfect for describing the natural sweetness of this tea which contains no sugar.

Liquorice has been used for bronchial and stomach problems- mucous congestion and peptic ulcers as well and kidney and bladder ailments.

And spearmint has been used for centuries for its anti fungal and calming properties as well being used for stomach aches, to relieve cramps, aid digestion, heartburn, nausea and headaches.

This tea is a perfect present for that one person that likes to over do the Christmas dinner, or to suppress that sweet tooth urge to scoff all the Christmas chocolates!

A mixture of liquorice root finely cut, spearmint leaf cut and whole chunks of liquorice root; produces a sweet and refreshing tea that is also good for sore throats- Tis the season to get poorly as well!

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