New Year, New Tea!


New tea for the new year!

Introducing our new teas so far in 2016. As you may be able to tell we are definitely going for a ‘New Year, New You’ theme. The teas we have introduced so far are all blends to help you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside, all the new teas are jammed packed full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Detox Liquorice tea- This tea is an all singing, all dancing cleansing wonder! Jammed packed full of herbs and spices to make your insides smile and to make you feel good. This tea is especially useful during those periods of over indulgence and maybe a little over drinking with the main ingredients being cleansing milk thistle, dandelion, fennel and spearmint. 

Detox Yerba Maté and Chilli tea- This is a perfect blend of detoxifying ingredients to give you some get up and go! Bursting with fiery chilli and ginger, revitalising ginseng root and stomach settling lemon grass which is blended with yerba mate. This tea is high in natural caffeine without the coffee like crash and is full of antioxidants! This ‘wake me up’ blend detoxes your body, fires up your metabolism while giving you a caffeine buzz! 

Detox Fruit tea- A fruity little all rounder! This plentiful fruit based green tea has a little bit of everything, liver protecting mulberry, detoxifying milk thistle, stimulating green sencha and digestion aids such as ginger and dandelion with lavender, rose, lemongrass to calm, all topped off with a zingy fruit mixture of raspberry, mango and citrus! Cleansing, relaxing, detoxifying and stimulating- what more could you want?


Ayurveda fasting tea- A new tea from the ayurveda range; This blend was created to help you during times of moderation, (ie; that January diet!) using a blend of Indian spices. The mixture of spicy and floral ingredients lets the senses unfold. Using a traditional Indian recipe and added yerba maté make you feel energised and invigorated.  

Organic Magic tea- We have a lot of customers looking at the sustainability within the tea industry- Introducing our new blend, a completely herbal tea using only sustainable, organic products. A magical blend of soothing; cocoa, coconut, orange and mint! Using petals and blossoms to decorate this magical blend as through it came straight from your garden.

Lemon and Vanilla Green Rooibos-This fresh cup of lemon and vanilla green rooibos is both tangy from fresh lemon grass and sweet from the comforting creaminess of the vanilla as well as being caffeine free and very high in antioxidants- a cheering blend for the cold months, think of childhood Refresher candy bars!


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