New Teas 20th-24th July



Red Chai RoobiosRed Chai 

Red chai is our spicy and hot new rooibos based chai tea. We blend traditional indian spices such as cardamom, ginger and cinnamon with top quality redbush tea from South Africa. The mellow taste of the caffeine free rooibos is complemented by the classic chai spice.




Ceylon St Coombs BOPSt Coombs Estate BOP 

Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe from the Dimbula district tea estate of St Coombs. This is a Broken Orange Pekoe grade tea which produces a fine golden dark liquor with lots of flavour and is medium in strength. 





Orange Eucalyptus Rooibos TeaOrange and Eucalyptus

Orange and eucalyptus rooibos tea is an exciting addition to our range of caffeine free redbush tisanes. The combination of Australian eucalyptus leaves and zesty oranges is very unique and tasty. This eye catching tea has a powerful menthol aroma with the fresh taste of eucalyptus and fruity notes of peach and orange. 




Welsh Breakfast BOPWelsh Breakfast 

After much demand we have blended up this very fine breakfast tea to compliment our English, Irish and Scottish breakfast teas. This is a blend of our single estate Assam house tea and an orthodox Kenyan leaf tea. The rich malty character of the Assam blends perfectly with bright and fruity notes of the Kenya tea to create this special Welsh tea blend. 




Wild Berry TeaWild Berry Fruits 

Our wild berry fruit tisane is a wonderful combination of mid summer fruits like wild strawberries, blackberries and elderberries. This tea reminds you of times collecting wild berries as a child. An overwhelming aroma with a lovely mellow character. 


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