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Assam Thowra TGFOP

Assam Thowra Tea Estate TGFOP

31st August 2014

This is our new tea number 31 for August and our 40th Assam Tea. The Thowra tea estate is one of the most famous Assamese tea estates and is located in the district of Sivasagar. Known for the quality of its tea bushes and excellent soil. This is a 2nd flush Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe grade tea with a large sized orthodox leaf and a good amount of golden tips. The colour in cup is a deep dark red, the aroma is rich and spicy and the taste is full with traditional malty flavours that Assamese teas are known for.





Ceylon Aislaby BOP

Ceylon Aislaby BOP

30th August 2014

Introducing this superb single estate breakfast tea from Sri Lanka. The Aislaby tea estate lies at an altitude of 4500 feet in Malwatte valley of the Uva district of Ceylon and is one of Ceylon’s oldest estates and is well known for the producing teas of high quality.

This Broken Orange Pekoe grade tea is gathered in the prime plucking season between July and September, producing an outstanding tea. The colour in cup is a dark copper-coloured  with the liquor producing a fine aromatic tea with a strong spicy taste.






Keemun Panda Special Grade 1


Keemun Panda No.1

29th August 2014

This is a special grade of high grown black tea from the Chinese province of Anhui. The orthodox loose leaf is well manufactured with a neat needle like appearance. The colour in cup is a deep dark red with winey and fruity taste notes!






Tezpore and Gogra TGF0P1


Assam Tezpore and Gogra TGFOP1.

28th August 2014

This tea estate lies in the Assam Valley on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra near the town of Tezpur. Two estates were combined together in 1885 to make the single estate of Tezpur and Gogra. This Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1 grade tea is from this season and is a very bright quality production, one of the best teas of the year .. so far !






Bogapani TGF0P1



Assam Bogapani TGFOP1

27th August

In Assamese Boga stands for white water and pani is hindi for water. The estate was established in 1916 and is situated near the town of Digboi in Upper Assam. This Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea is one of the best seasons teas we have tasted!






Pu erPu-erh flower tea brickh Savannah Flower Jasmine Tea Brick

26th August 2014

This is a jasmine scented puerh tea brick pressed into the shape of a flower. The green tea is smooth with a full flavour. Used as a decoration or to brew scrap tea from the flower, infuse with boiling water and brew for 1 to 5 minutes







Ceylon OP Blackwood


Ceylon Blackwood Estate Orange Pekoe Tea

25th  August 2014

This Ceylon Orange Pekoe grade tea comes from the organic tea estate of Blackwood which is situated in the Bogawantalwa Valley in the Uva tea district of Sri Lanka. At a height of over 1000 metres this estate is very fertile and produces some excellent teas. Another fine tea from the “Island of Tea” – Sri Lanka. We now stock  28 different Ceylon teas ..  with more on the way !






Rooibos Tiramisu



Rooibos Tiramisu

24th August 2014

This redbush tea has the light taste of Irish coffee with hints of caramel and mascarpone. We add coffee beans, chocolate, caramel and roman camomile flowers to give this rooibos creation a fantastic appearance and irresistible taste.








Yunnan Special WhiteYunnan Special White Tea

23rd August 2014

From the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. A fine quality tea grown at an altitude of over 1300 metres. A well manufactured tea, the large loose leaves are a light green in colour with plenty of silvertips. A lovely fruity aroma with a mild, soft flavour.







Ayurveda Wellness




Ayurveda Wellness Tea

22nd August

The new tea of the day is our ayurveda wellness tea which is an Indian spicy blend combining ginger, cardamom’s and chilies giving you an infusion to harmonise and calm both soul and body.





Ginger Fresh



Ayurvedic Ginger Fresh Tea

21st August 2014

This tea is a fresh and fruity herbal blend combining ginger, lemongrass and liquorice root. This tea combines some ayurvedic principles and european ideas of wellness tisanes.





Stimulating Tea



Ayurvedic Stimulating Tea

20th August 2014

This tea supports the dosha “Kapha”. This is the power house and strongest of our ayurveda teas, designed to boost and energise the immune system. The turmeric root adds a distinctive flavour to this tasty spicy tea. This stimulating tea is a super energy drink and contains no caffeine.






Balance Tea



Ayurvedic Balance Tea PITTA

19th August 2014

This tea is an ancient recipe of herbs and spices designed to sooth and balance the dosha “Pitta”, the metabolic system. A sweet tea with a soft, flowery scent and flavour. A tea to relax and make you feel good!





Anti Strain



Ayurveda Anti Strain Tea VATA

18th August 2014

Our anti stress ayurvedic herb tea blend is designed to support the dosha “Vata”. This is a full tasting tea with a sweet aroma with notes of liquorice and is a refreshing and revitalizing tea for the mind and body, a brew to de-stress!





Rooibos Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet


Rooibos Pineapple and Lemon Sorbet

17th August 2014

Something tropical to add to our range of 24 different redbush Teas. This flavoured rooibos pineapple and lemon sorbet is a surprising delight with the refreshing taste of creamy lemon sorbet with tropical pineapple, lemon and tangerine.

A fresh bright cup of tea with notes of fruit and vanilla. An invigorating afternoon cup of tea.






Milky Oolong CaramelMilky Oolong Caramel

16th August 2014

Milky oolong caramel tea is a new variation on our most popular milk oolong. This tea is based on a premium blend of white, green and semi fermented loose leaf teas with a soft milky aroma and taste. Natural caramel flavour is added to make this a creamy temptation !







Rooibos Blueberry Yoghurt

Rooibos Blueberry and Yogurt

15th August 2014

This rooibos flavoured tea is a special creation combining blueberries with creamy yogurt. Blue cornflowers are also added to make this tea look fascinating. A very bright, fresh and fruity redbush tea.








Bella Granata Fruit Tea (Pomegranate)

Bella Granata Pomegranate Fruit Tisane

14th August 2014

Another beautiful looking real fruit tisane ! Bella granata pomegranate tea is a new low in acid  fruit tisane which combines apple with exotic fruits such a large pineapple flakes and vibrant red pomegranate blossoms makes this tea look gorgeous. The result is an intense fruity concoction of juicy pomegranate and fruits with a lovely bright colour in cup with a very pleasant fruity aroma and taste.






Forest Fruits Tisane Tea

Forest Fruits Tisane

13th August 2014

A new natural fruit tisane to add to our range of over 30 fruity concoctions. Forest fruits tea is a real intense berry experience and a real pleasure to drink. The light, tangy notes of the berries combine perfectly with the pieces of fruit to create a fascinating tisane with many lovely sweet nuances.







Elderberry Cassis and Aronia Tea

Elderberry  Cassis  and  Aronia  White  Tea

12th August 2014

A new unusual and rare scented white tea. A premium blend of white teas to which we add three super fruits – elderberry – aronia berry and blackcurrant.








Irish Breakfast Broken Orange PekoeIrish Breakfast Tea – BOP

11th  August 2014

This is the small leaf version of the famous Irish breakfast tea. A traditional blend of strong Broken Orange Pekoe loose teas from Assam and Ceylon especially blended for Irish tea drinkers. The Irish are the world’s biggest tea drinkers and enjoy a good strong cup of tea! The liquor in cup is dark and the taste is strong and spicy with malty characteristics.







Jasmine Chung Hao  Tea

Jasmine Chung Hao Green Tea

10th August 2014

This jasmine green tea is one of the best grades of jasmine we have so far discovered. Jasmine Chung Hao is a very fine quality jasmine loose leaf tea which in former times was reserved only for Chinese imperial court. This tea is based on a first class half – fermented tea to which jasmine blossoms are added to infuse the tea with the lovely scent. The blossoms are then removed to leave a very delicate and precious tea. The taste is light and full of harmony with a beautiful soft, tender, flowery aroma.





Ceylon Highgrown  TeaCeylon High Grown Orange Pekoe

9th August 2014

From the “Island of Tea” we offer this Ceylon high grown tea. This is a specially selected blend of orange pekoe grade teas grown at altitudes of between 1,000 and 2,300 metres. The large even wiry leaf is well manufactured with a reddish brown colour. The liquor is bright bronze colour in cup producing a medium strong tea with a spicy aroma.







Nepal Maloom  Tea

Nepal Maloom  FTGFOP1

8th  August  2014

Another  new  single  estate  tea  from  the  Himalayan country of  Nepal.  The leaf is very well manufactured with silver coloured tips producing a very flowery aromatic bronze coloured liquor. This Nepali estate tea is highly comparable to some of the very best Darjeeling teas.

Brew with boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.






Assam Rani


Assam Rani Estate FTGFOP1

7th August 2014

Why not try our new Assam Rani estate tea? The Rani tea estate is in lower Assam near the state capital of Guwahati. The tea is well balanced with a medium body and traditional malty flavour.







Darjeeling Singell


Darjeeling Singell FTGFOP1

6th August 2014

This is a Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1 grade tea from the Singell tea estate. Singell is one of Darjeeling’s oldest plantations and its production now is organic. A second flush tea full of character with a bright bronze liquor in cup.






Darjeeling Selimbong



Darjeeling Selimbong TGFOP1

5th August 2014

This Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1 grade tea is from the historic Darjeeling tea estate which was founded in 1886 and is famous for its organic teas. The wonderful dark leaf has a good amount of silvery white tips.

When brewed the copper coloured liquor shimmers, the aroma is highly aromatic and the taste is soft, spicy with a great flowery flavour!





Hunan Jasmine


Hunan Jasmine green tea

4th August 2014

A fine quality jasmine leaf tea from the Chinese province of Hunan. Well manufactured dark green leaves with a sprinkling of jasmine petals. with a gorgeous fresh scent and aroma of jasmine.







Afternoon BOP


Afternoon Tea

3rd August 2014

This is a blend of teas perfect for that Kentish afternoon cup of tea. This is a special selection of teas from Assam, the Nilgiri Hills of south India and east Africa. ideal for that certain point in the afternoon when you need a refreshing brew, sometimes served with a slice of lemon.






Darjeeling Himalaya


Darjeeling Himalayan Blend

2nd August 2014

Our new Darjeeling Himalayan blend is a classic blend of second flush teas from India’s most famous tea growing district.The liquor is bright with a traditional spicy taste and a full aroma!







Irish Breakfast



Irish Breakfast Tea FOP

1st August 2014

Irish breakfast tea FOP is a traditional blend of loose leaf teas from Assam and Ceylon especially blended for Irish tea drinkers. 






Formosa Extra Toppest Oriental Beauty


Oriental Beauty Extra Toppest

31st July 2014

Oriental beauty extra toppest is the very finest grade oolong from Formosa, Taiwan.

The loose tea leaves are beautifully large and twisted with a bright liquor and very delicate beautiful aroma!





Drawing Room2


Drawing Room Tea

30th July 2014

This is a special blend of teas from India, Ceylon and China, sprinkled with jasmine petals and rose petals. A fine tea for a summers afternoon…Enjoy!






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