New Tea- Assam Tarajulie Tea 2nd Flush


The estate is divided by two divisions, Tara and Julie. The divisions get their names from two six hectare lakes contained within their boundaries.

The Tarajulie estate has been producing tea for so long that, the year that Tarajulie first planted was the same year that the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was printed in 1884!

Nestled between Gabharu River and the Dipota River, it is an exceptionally picturesque estate with wild jungle surrounding it, just as it had in 1884. Living on the estate is a workforce of approximately 1065 people and their immediate family, and in many cases, extended families. Over the years, as the estate has grown, many of these families have grown with it, in some cases dating back all the way to the turn of the last century.

This tea is a heavy, full-bodied tea with a good deep malty flavour. A hearty and comforting all day tea.

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