Nepal Mist Valley Tea


Nepal Mist Valley 1st Flush Teacrop


Although Nepal is comprised of 75 districts, tea gardens are mostly found in the eastern part of the country (dubbed the “Tea Zone), which borders the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, India, and enjoys the same soil and climatic conditions as Darjeeling. The five districts that make up the “Tea Zone” are Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar, Tehrathum and Dhankuta, with the Mist Valley Tea gardens being located in Jitpur in the Ilam district. Ilam is located in the Mechi Zone in the easternmost part of Nepal. Jitpur is a small hilly village with pristine landscapes of sloped tea gardens, thick forests, and a culture that is still relatively untouched by the modern world.

In Nepal, there are only a handful of tea producers that own and operate their own tea gardens and processing facilities, and Mist Valley tea is one of those few. Located at an altitude of 1300 meters (approximately 4,200 feet) above the sea-level, this garden produces delightful and distinctive teas.

Similar to Darjeeling teas this first flush is full of muscatel character, the loose leaves are long and tippy with a liquor that is gentle with notes of caramel.

Brew with boiling water and infuse for 2 to 4  minutes and  enjoy .. Namaste !

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