Mulberry Leaf Tea


Mulberry leaf tea is a great new herbal tea that we have added to our range. This is a caffeine-free tea full of vitamins and minerals that is renowned for its health-giving properties. Mulberry tea has been used for centuries in Chinese medicinal recipes and has a lot of health benefits:

It lowers cholesterol. Scientists have found that mulberry-leaf extract is effective in suppressing the buildup of cholesterol-rich plaque in our arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. Mulberry tea accomplishes this by inhibiting the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol), a major factor in the accumulation atherosclerotic plaque.

It helps cold symptoms and can be used to treat conditions associated with the liver and lung meridians. It helps clear fever, headache, sore throat, cough, and red or painful eyes. Mulberry tea can also inhibit the development of bacterial strains, including streptococcus, the cause of strep throat. Drink mulberry tea to prevent and recover from common cold symptoms.

It helps balance blood sugar levels and helps with carbohydrate absorption.

It also helps with weight loss, As this tea helps with carbohydrate absorption this means the starchy, carbohydrate-rich foods do not turn to glucose in your body and this lack of glucose in your system also lowers your blood sugar levels, making you less hungry.

An all-round strengthener of the body’s immune system! Brew using boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.

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