Meet the Team!


We would like to introduce you to our team here at Kent Tea! We will be adding a new person every week, starting with…


Richard (Owner)


- Favourite Tea:  

“Assam Behora. Whenever I drink this tea, it always fills my heart with joy and happy memories of my grandfather who managed our tea estate for many years during the 1920s to the 1940s.” CP7A4673


- The first time Richard tried tea:  

“Sitting on the garden steps at 8 Alipore Park Place in Calcutta with Hirsi Kes Das, the best every bearer.”


- A random fact about Richard: 

“I was first Born in the early 17th century, now on life number 7!”


- How long Richard has been in the business:  

“Always – have never had another job! Kent Tea was established in the early 1980s.”


- How he would convince someone to drink Tea:  

“I have had to do this quite a lot! When we took stalls to exhibitions, we used to have bowls with tea leaves along the front to show people what they looked like and then they could smell the tea as well. So like scratch and sniff, but see and sniff. The world is full of wonderful, colourful and exotic teas!”


- One of the most memorable moments at Kent Tea:

“There are a few memories from working here, but I think the most memorable was a few years ago, we were visited by the people from The Apprentice! They wanted to take our tea to sell at farmers markets in France. Not sure if they knew much about tea – but hey ho! It was certainly an interesting experience!” 


This week, meet Sharon! 

“I do a little bit of everything here – tea packing, stock control, emails, customers…I know where everything is and how it all works!”


-What is your favourite tea?

“I like a nice cup of Red Ginseng. The smell is lovely as well as refreshing! But then, I’m more of a black coffee drinker!”


-When was the first time you tried tea?

Sharon (2) “When I was very small, my mum gave it to me in a big plastic beaker. I can’t really remember it that well, but I must have enjoyed it!”


-Random Fact about Sharon..

“You can have 2! I have a son and grandson who live in Sweden and I’m a grand height of 4ft 11!”


-How long have you been at Kent Tea?

“I started here part-time while my son was 4 – he is now in his 20s! So I think about 21 years or so! That makes me the longest employee here – there’s another fact for you!”


-What is one of the most memorable moments while working here?

“I think it has to be having meetings while Richard was laying on the floor doing Yoga. Sometimes he would even get all of us standing on one leg with him! We’re not that crazy here, I promise!”



Introducing Chris! 


-What is your favourite tea? 

“Has to be Japanese Fukujyu Green Tea. I think this is the nicest green tea out of the lot!” 


Chris-How long have you been here at Kent Tea? 

“Coming up to 4 years I do believe” 


-What was one of the funniest moments here?

“I probably shouldn’t laugh, but somebody once fell over on the kitchen floor! They were okay, but it was a little bit funny!” 


-Give us a random fact about yourself. 

“I travelled to Japan last year by myself and found some green tea KitKats that I brought home – they were really tasty! They weren’t the strangest flavour either…”


 -How would you convince someone to drink tea? 

“You can lead someone to tea, but you can’t force them to drink!”



Say Hello to Emma! 

“My job here is working in the office – I’m the office manager! So if you call us, it might be me you end up talking to!”


-What is your favourite tea? 

“I don’t actually drink tea, but I find the smell of the fruit tisanes amazing. My favourite to smell is the Strawberry and Cream – yum!” 


-When did you first try tea? Emma

“I first tried tea when I started working here. We were all trying the Turkish Apple – it wasn’t my cup of tea! Haha!” 


-How long have you been working here at Kent Tea?  

“I started here about 5 years ago.”


-Give us a random fact about yourself? 

“Well, I love Jesus and I have been taking sign language lessons for the past year. I’m still waiting on results so I can then go onto my level 2!”


-What is one of your most memorable moments while working here?

“I think it has to be the face of Richard when I told him that I didn’t drink tea. He didn’t ask me in the interview, so he found out on my first week here! It was such a picture!”    


-What do you like about working here? 

“I really like it here. Its so relaxed and easy going. Everybody is so friendly and I have definitely found out a lot more about the world of tea! I never knew there was so much to learn!”         


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