Mango Green Rooibos Tea


Another new addition to our green Rooibos selection is our Mango Green Rooibos.

We mix together mango, carrot, rose petals, sunflower petals and cornflower petals with green Rooibos tea to make a floral and fruity bouquet with a deep earthy and warm tropical citrus notes.

Green Rooibos tea comes with some very nice health benefits. It is a decaffeinated tea meaning that you can drink it knowing that you’re not going to get any of the affects that caffeine can give out. It has also been said that green Rooibos can offer elements that aid lowering blood-sugar an they contain almost 10 times more antioxidants than red Rooibos.

The mixture of the sweet green rooibos and refreshing mango creates a delicious and unique blend which tastes great as a hot tea or as an iced beverage in the sticky summer days. The natural sweetness of this tea will also suppress the sweet tooth!

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