Limerick Competition


Starting from today we are doing a Limerick competition that will run until the end of February. All you need to do is write on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page a limerick about tea and/or coffee!


First Prize: £30 voucher (To spend on our online shop)

Second Prize: £20 voucher

Third Prize: £10 voucher


A Limerick is a short poem which has five lines and the rhyming pattern goes A, A, B, B, A. If you need help, here are some examples of Limericks we had fun writing (You can do better!) :


Emily’s Limerick

There is an uncertainty,
When dunking biscuits in my tea,
If it falls in,
It would be a sin,
But perfect timing is always the key!


Sharon and Emily’s Limerick

You like to drink Coffee,
I like to drink Tea,
Whether it’s Fennel,
Or Continental,
Together we live in harmony.


Sharon’s Limerick

Do you make your tea in a pot,
And cover with a cosy to keep it hot?
Do you use an infuser?
Or are you a tea bag user?
Whatever your lot make sure it’s Pluckley Tea you’ve got!


Richard’s Limerick

There was a young man from Assam
who grew tea for his old Mam
She was ninety three
and every brew filled her with Glee
Until the day she fell under a tram

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