Kombucha Plum Green Tea


Komucha is an age old fermented drink that has become very popular as a home brew in recent years. Full of healthy bacterial flora and acids that promote intestinal health, this probiotic drink can be drunk as a daily beverage.

Komucha has dated back from the Quin Dynasty, and was known as an ‘immortal health elixir, almost 2000 years ago as it is full of B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics which can help improve digestion, weight loss, increase in energy, detox the immune system and help reduce joint pain.

We have blended a tea which promotes all the goodness and benefits of Kombucha with all the health benefits of green tea, full of health promoting antioxidants!

This blend is sweet and refreshing with notes of juicy autumnal berries and fresh green tea. Great hot or cold, it is a real office favourite!

Brew with water at 75-80 degrees and infuse for 1-2 minutes to prevent bitterness.

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