Japanese Bancha Blend


For this new tea we have blended high quality bancha houghi cha,with a green bancha which has a large flat leaf which echoes a delicate, grassy taste.

Bancha houghi cha is toasted to give it a caramel, nutty notes with no astringency and a delicate finish. The mixture of both is a light, nutty and grassy taste- two end soft the spectrum that compliment each other.

These two differentiating flavours of the two spectrum’s made us curious in the office, the blending of a delicate, sweet and grassy tea with a biscuity, caramel like sweetness and turns out, we really enjoyed it.

We found that it added a new depth of complexity that was really interesting on the taste buds, we found that smooth, nutty and buttery notes were picked up on with a smooth leafy tones.

Bancha is a grade of Japanese tea which is naturally lower in caffeine as it contains the stems and larger leaves that are discarded in the production of sencha.

Houghi cha is made by roasting bancha over a high heat, which results in a savoury, nutty note. It originated in the 1920s when a tea merchant did not want his surplus stock to go to waste.

This is a great blend for non green tea drinkers with a delicate taste.

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