It’s Detox Time!


It’s Detox time!

We know that you are all watching your waist lines….and pockets since the festive season! And we have just the thing to help with our new detox teas. We have blended our own range of reinvigorating brews to help you keep fresh and fighting fit.

Our Detox Lemon and Ginger tea incorporates digestive aids along with calming herbs. This blend is perfect to have just before bed to allow all the goodness in the herbs to do their job while you can sleep peacefully due to the calming properties of some of the ingredients.

Using milk thistle and dandelion for cleansing and digestion aids and is mixed with lemon verbena which is a mild sedative and lemon balm for relaxation- so you can drift off to the land of nod knowing that you are giving your insides treat!

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Introducing our  Detox Liquorice Tea; An all singing, all dancing cleansing wonder!

Jammed packed full of herbs and spices to make your insides smile and to make you feel good. This tea is especially useful during those periods of over indulgence and maybe a little over drinking.

Using milk thistle and dandelion to cleanse and protect the liver and spearmint, fennel and ginger to dispel bloating and are all digestive aids, this is will ensure that you are taking care of your inside while allowing you to enjoy a comforting brew!

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