Iced Teas: Our recommendations and ‘how to brew’


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It has been a great summer in the UK and the hot weather has given us good reason to experiment with some nice iced teas.

The Mango and Friends Tea,(above) was a great hit when we tried it. This top notch fruit tea is made up of flakes and chunks of exotic fruits and is definitely worth trying. Here are three other iced teas we recommend that you try: 

Mango Green — This mango scented green tea is one of our most popular teas. It has a delicious rich taste of fresh and juicy mangoes and when opening, the bag releases a wonderful tropical aroma. The mango lifts the green sencha’s mellow taste and the sunflower blossoms add a special wow factor.

Lemon Green — This excellent China sencha green tea has been scented with fresh lemon and when brewed you get a wonderful citrus aroma complimenting the green tea leaves perfectly. For green tea lovers, this is a real treat. 

Red Berry Fruit Tisane This delicious fruit tisane is a vibrant combination of red berry fruits which gives off a wonderful aroma and rich fruity taste.

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- Loose tea; ice cubes; water; fine sugar (optional)


- In a large saucepan, bring 4 cups of cold water to a boil.
- Remove from the heat, add the loose tea and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
- Remove loose tea and pour into jug.
- Add an additional 4 cups of cold water.
- Add ice cubes. Voila!


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