Different Types of Black Leaf



FOP- Flowery Orange Pekoe

Irish Breakfast



This is the Irish Breakfast FOP which means the leaves are left quite large. Larger leaves generally give better quality tea.










BOP- Broken Orange Pekoe

Ceylon Aislaby BOP



This is Ceylon aislaby BOP which is the smaller (broken) leaf. Because this leaf is smaller it usually takes slightly less time to brew.










FBOP- Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe

Lelsa FBOP




This tea is Kenya Lelsa FBOP. FBOP can be a mixture of flowery leaf and broken or all of the leaves could just be slightly smaller than flowery but larger than broken.









GBOP- Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

Assam Belseri GBOP




This tea is Assam Belseri. Golden refers to very young buds that were picked early in the season which tend to be golden in colour.










OP- Orange Pekoe

Vietnam OP



This is Vietnam Orange Pekoe. Orange Pekoe refers to young leaves.










SFTGFOP- Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

Nilgiri SFTGFOP1




This is Nilgiri SFTGFOP.









Round Leaf

Nilgiri Round Leaf




Nilgiri Round Leaf









Long Leaf

Nilgiri Long Leaf




Nilgiri Long Leaf







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