Detox Teas – Our New Range of Detoxifying Teas


We have a lovely new selection of detox teas to help you feel more refreshed and invigorated.  

Our Detox Fruit Tea is jam-packed with fruity goodness. We use a blend of Chinese green sencha with ingredients such as marigold blossom, safflower, orange slices, pieces of mango , raspberry and pineapple plus many more to give this tea a real pop! Along with all these ingredients come some great health benefits.

This tea has a lovely deep pink coloured liquor and a strong aroma of red berries with grassy notes and a tart, red berry twang. If you need something fruity and full of goodness in your life, then this is the tea for you!  

The next herbal treat we have for you is our Detox Lemon and Ginger Tea. This tea is a mix of Detox 2dried milk thistle leaves, lemon balm, lemon verbena, dandelion and ginger root.

With a light gold liquor, the taste is fresh with a lemon and ginger after note. This blend is perfect to have just before bed to allow all the goodness in the herbs to do their job while you can sleep peacefully due to the calming properties of some of the ingredients. If you wanted to add a bit of sweetness, why not add some honey once it is brewed? 

Detox Yarba Mate Tea is the perfect ‘wake me up’ blend that detoxes your body while firing up your metabolism. We mixed together yerba mate, green Chinese sencha, rooibos, ginger, lemongrass, rose buds, safflower petals, whole dried chillies, carrot flakes and ginseng root to give this tea a real boost of flavour. The caffeine in this tea is perfect to have in the morning as it releases slowly, giving you a lovely natural boost without the crash after a few hours.

The yerba mate is said to contain over 90% more antioxidants than green tea, so this mixed with the green sencha and rooibos is an antioxidants dream team! Yerba mate also contains immune boosting capabilities as well as reducing stress. The ginseng is very good for waking you up as well as making you focus more – so a good tea before a long day! This tea has a light amber liquor, but a deep tropical, pineapple taste with a sweet citrus aroma and a chili explosion on the tongue. It is best drunk as it is or with a little bit of honey if you wanted to add a little bit of sweetness. This summer, why not use this blend to make a nice iced tea?

Our final tea is our lovely Detox Liquorice Tea. We use a mix of dried milk thistle leaves, dried dandelion leaves, dried fennel leaves, spearmint, ginger root and liquorice root to give this tea a deep and grassy taste with a strong sharp ginger note. Just like the three other detox teas, this one comes with nice little health benefits:

  • Milk thistle helps protect the liver from certain toxins and the dandelion aids slimming and weight loss.

  • Fennel can help reduce abdominal cramps and can act like a stimulant.

  • Spearmint can be very good at relieving heartburn, nausea and poor digestion as well as freshening breath!

  • The ginger also helps relieve heartburn as well as giving this tea a lovely sweet after taste once mixed with the liquorice root, which is also very good for the digestive system!

By mixing some lemon and honey into this tea, its a real treat! This blend is an all singing, all dancing cleansing wonder! If you wanted to use any of these teas to detox you, we have mixed up a little recommendation chart of the quantity of tea you would need per day:



Number of Weeks

Numbers of Cups Per Day

Amount Of Tea

One Week Detox 3-4 Cups Per Day 125g
Two Week Detox 3-4 Cups Per Day 250g
Three Week Detox 3-4 Cups Per Day 500g

You will be able to find all of our teas in the Herbal Section here

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