Darjeeling First Flush Tea Marybong



Sitting at the bottom of the third largest mountain in the world, the Marybong Estate is just a short walk away from Ghoom and said to be one of the most picturesque tea gardens.

The estate was originally called ‘Kyel Estate’ in 1876 until the land was given to the owner of the Linga Estate’s daughter as a wedding present. The area was then connected to the Linga Estate and was called ‘Marybong’ meaning ‘Mary’s Place’.

Our lovely 1st flush black tea has a light and flowery taste with a delicate body. We would say that this tea tastes best without milk or lemon, but you can always add some if you wish!

The caffeine in this tea relieves body fatigue, sharpens the mind and relaxes the body. Unlike the caffeine in coffee, it does not irritate the stomach and gradually enters the blood stream, for a more natural kick without the crash.

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