Darjeeling First Flush Tea 2015 Namring Upper


The Estate where this tea is grown is one of the oldest and largest tea gardens in Darjeeling. It is split over two levels due to the huge changes in elevation and consists of three gardens – Ppmong, Jingiam and Namring. The Estate produces 300 metric tonnes of tea a year!

The unique climate at the time of picking this tea ensures the leaf has the benefit of the intense sunshine but also the cold air of the Himalayas in early spring. The Estate is known as one of the oldest estates that use a combination of hybrid bushes such as China, Clonal and Assams.

This new tea is a perfect example of a Darjeeling first flush and has a full fruity flavour with floral notes and a slight earthy tone with gentle sweetness. We would suggest drinking this tea black so you can get the full experience of all the flavours, a lovely tea to drink in the morning!

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