Ceylon Sylvakandy OP




This Kandy OP comes from the Sylvakandy tea estate which is located in the Matale tea growing district of Sri Lanka and has been associated with exceptionally crafted teas for decades. The estate is situated at between 500 feet and 1000 feet, its location chosen for its high elevation and its the heavy and consistent rainfall- over 110 inches per annum thanks to both the southwest and northwest monsoons

This Sylvakandy Orange Pekoe has a large orthodox even sized leaf. The liquor is wonderful and rich in cup with fine floral notes, producing a bright golden cup of tea full of flavour.

Sylvakandy Orange Pekoe is an excellent self-drinking tea and like most single estate non-blended teas it is best enjoyed hot with a dash of milk to help open and expand its flavour profile.

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