Ceylon Ruhunu Balangoda FP Estate Tea


Ruhunu Balangoda Teacrop


This Ceylon tea is from the Balangoda tea estate which is situated in the low lying tea growing district of Ruhunu and shares geography with the beautiful Yala National Park. The park is comprised of wild brush, ocean beaches, jungles, rocky terrain, and numerous lakes and rivers. Because of the wide variety terrain, the park is home to animal life of all description. Although the Ruhunu district is perhaps better known for its parkland than tea acreage, the region produces some excellent teas just as colourful and full of life as its wild animals!

The black loose leaves are a Flowery Pekoe grade tea. Teas from the Ruhunu district produce thicker, stronger liquoring teas compared to more high grown Ceylon Teas. Balangoda is no exception and this tea is a full of flavour tea that makes a perfect afternoon tea. In summer months this can make an excellent Iced Tea!

Brew with fresh boiling water, cover and infuse for 3 to 7 minutes.

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