Ceylon Kiruwanaganga Silver Tips



The Kiruwanaganga Estate stretches over 450 hectares and is one of the highest quality low-elevation plantations in Ceylon.

The Estate was recognised by the Colombo Tea Traders Association for the constant high standards of their manufacturing and was awarded the ‘Speciality Tea Of The Year Award 2002-2003′. It was also the first factory in the southern region of Sri Lanka to receive the ISO Quality Management Systems certification!

Our Orange Pekoe Silver Tip tea can contribute to overall health and well-being due to the unique compounds in tea that target specific areas in the body, providing protection from stress and disease, while strengthening bones and the immune system. Also the caffeine level in this tea is low but still gives you a lovely natural boost. It is a strong aromatic brew with sweet floral, honeyed notes, a perfect tea to have in the morning!

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