• Assam Tea Hathikuli Organic TGBOP
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    The Hathikuli Tea Estate has long history with the Smith's. Back in the 1900's when Mr Stammers worked and became the manager of the Behora Tea Estate, he used to take the family out on day trips to

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  • Green Tea and Health Benefits
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    Green tea is the unoxidised leaf from the camellia sinensis plant, where as black tea is the fully oxidised leaf- which makes it richer in antioxidants and nutrients. Green teas are mainly

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  • Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea
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    Roobios tea (or redbush tea as it has also become known as) is a sweet and aromatic tea which makes it a great base for fruity, nutty and spiced additions. But it doesn't just taste great-

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  • Making Traditional Masala Chai Tea
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    Masala Chai tea is one of the most consumed beverages in India. It has gained a wealth of popularity within western cultures and worked its way into our cafes, coffee shops and tea shelves, even our

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  • Kentish Breakfast Tea
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    We have introduced a new breakfast tea to our range of traditional blends- The Kentish Breakfast Tea! Using tea from the renowned Kenilworth Estate, Ceylon and our House Assam GFBOP we created

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  • Summer Black Tea
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    This beautiful blend of bright flower petals and natural summer flavourings evokes a hot balmy day by the beach, listening to the lapping waves of the tide and the feeling of sand beneath your

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  • Kombucha Plum Green Tea
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    Komucha is an age old fermented drink that has become very popular as a home brew in recent years. Full of healthy bacterial flora and acids that promote intestinal health, this probiotic drink can

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  • Heritage Hard Water Tea
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    We have blended a mixture of our strong black teas to create the perfect blend to be used with hard water. Over 13 million households in the UK suffer from hard water and the water you use to make

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