• Assam Bhooteachang TGFOP1
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      Assam Bhooteachang TGFOP1 The Bhooteachang tea estate is in the Indian state of Assam, and lies in the northern hills of the Udalguri ditrict close to Bhutan."Bhootea"is the name of

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  • What is Flavoured Tea?
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    Flavoured teas have been around for a long time already with the  oldest known recipes or varieties from China, where green and black teas were being mixed or enhanced with jasmine or rose blossoms

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  • Malawi Thyolo Dark Fired
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        This is one of the best teas we have tasted from Malawi, East Africa. This black tea has been “dark fired” indicating that the tea has been dried at a higher than normal

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  • Nilgiri Glendale and Tiger Hill
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    Nilgiri Glendale OP The Nilgiri tea estate of Glendale lies high up in the Nilgiri Hills of south India near the town of Coonoor and is one of the premiere tea estates of the Nilgiri

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  • Pina Colada Black Tea
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    Our pina colada black flavoured tea is a blend of high grown Ceylon Orange Pekoe orthodox loose leaf teas with tropical notes of fresh pina colada A refreshing Caribbean creation combing coconut

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  • Ceylon Sylvakandy OP
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      This Kandy OP comes from the Sylvakandy tea estate which is located in the Matale tea growing district of Sri Lanka and has been associated with exceptionally crafted teas for decades.

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  • Kenya Lelsa and Kosabei
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    Kenya Lelsa FBOP The Kenyan Lelsa tea estate has been producing tea for over 60 years and is situated in the Kericho district east of the rift valley. The Lelsa estate is at an altitude of

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  • Assam Behora TGFOP
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      This production is a Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe grade tea and is of extremely good quality, a well manufactured leaf picked in the month of June. The liquor is bright and

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