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Blue Spring Oolong is a very fine and rare Ti Kuan Yin special grade tea from the Chinese tea growing province of Fujian.

Blue mallow flowers were added to this tea to represent the fresh water spring that was created by Guan Yin The Iron Goddess of Mercy to rescue villagers from drought.

According to the ancient tale, there was a village that was suffering a great drought and the only moisture they had was that which could be collected from nets that had been left on the ground to collect dew over night. Drinking water was at very short supply and the tea crop the villagers relied on for income had nearly completely withered away. The villagers, in desperation, started to make offerings of what little they had to the deity, Guan Yin. After a week or so of these offerings being made, a stranger turned up in the village with a heard of goats. The stranger asked the villagers if they could spare some water as he has been traveling for such a long time.

Even though the water they had was minimal, they gave this stranger what they had. On accepting this water, the stranger said, “You have honored my request and shown me the compassion that I will now show you.” The stranger removed her cloak, revealing the fact that she was the Iron Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. She tipped the water that the villagers had given her onto the ground and a miraculous spring of water began to gush out of the ground. The drought was over and the tea growers honoured the goddess by adding delicate blue mallow flower petals to their tea to represent the crystal blue water of the spring- Blue Spring Oolong!

This semi fermented tea is still traditionally hand crafted in small batches. This tea is a high grown tea with a yellow green liquor in cup and a deep sweet aroma. The taste is exceptional with notes of orchid and minerals.

Brew with fresh water that has boiled and cooled to a temperature of 180 degrees and infuse for 3 to 7 minutes.

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