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Bamboo Temple Tea is from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan and gets its name from the famous Shizhusi (Stone bamboo) temple on Shizhu Mountain in China’s Fujian province. Mountain legend maintains that overnight visitors who stay in the Jiuxian (nine immortals) tower located in the temple, will have beautiful dreams and wake not only feeling completely energized but also finding that all his or her wishes have been miraculously fulfilled.

If you are wondering why a tea that is grown and produced in Yunnan province, would be named after a temple in Fujian province then the reason for this, is also in a legend. Bearing in mind, the legend above, this story tells of a tea artisan from Yunnan who struggled to make ends meet on the patch of land he farmed. In desperation, he traveled to Shizhusi Temple to visit a long lost cousin who was a monk there. The monk, sensing that his cousin was in a difficult situation offered him a bed in the famous tower. That night, the artisan dreamt that his fields were filled with the thick bushes of a tea variety he’d never seen before. He headed back and this dream was of course fulfilled.

This high grown black loose leaf tea that has been hand crafted in small batches and is full of flavour with strong malty character with fresh buttery notes. The colour in cup is bright and coppery.

Infuse with boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes. This tea can be drunk with milk.

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