Ayurveda Teas


From the ancient Indian doctrine of ayurveda we have a range of teas for life and health.

Translated from Sanskrit ayurveda means: Ayur for life and Veda for knowledge. Put together you get “Wisdom of Life” or “Science of Life”. The ayurvedic doctrine focuses on the state of a persons health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and splits these down into three separate energies, known as Doshas.

The three doshas are:

Vata ( wind, air, pneuma ) Your internal bodily functions associated with motion and energies. The key is to keep your body in balance, free from the stresses of daily life.

Pitta ( fire, and water, chole ) The energies that control the body’s metabolic system.

Kapha ( earth and water, phlegma ) The energy that controls the growth in the body in general and the maintenance of the immune system.

Dosha’s manifest themselves differently in each person, so one must identify any imbalance to decide on the path to be taken to create harmony and balance in the body. Our natural ayurvedic teas are ancient concoctions of spices designed to harmonise and balance each of the dosha’s.

Stimulating Tea


Ayurveda Stimulating Tea KAPHA

This tea is designed to boost and energise the immune system. This stimulating tea is a super energy drink and contains no caffeine.








Anti Strain



Anti Strain Tea VATA

Our anti stress ayurvedic herb tea blend is designed to support the dosha “Vata”. This is a full tasting tea with a sweet aroma with notes of liquorice. This is a refreshing and revitalising tea for the mind and body, a brew to de-stress.






Balance Tea


Balance Tea PITTA

This ayurvedic balance tea is an ancient recipe of herbs and spices designed to sooth and balance the dosha “Pitta”, the metabolic system. A sweet tea with a soft, flowery scent and flavour. A tea to relax and make you feel good.







Ginger Fresh


Ginger Fresh

Our ginger fresh tea is a fresh and fruity herbal blend combining ginger, lemongrass and liquorice root. This tea combines some ayurvedic principles and european ideas of wellness tisanes.







Ayurveda Wellness



Ayurveda Wellness Tea

Our ayurveda wellness tea is an Indian spicy blend combining ginger, cardamom’s and chillies giving you an infusion to harmonise and calm both soul and body.







Spiced Yoga



Yoga Tea

This special herb tea blend is one of the ayurvedic tea varieties. A classic tea using natural spicy ingredients with hawthorn leaves.







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