Ayurveda Fasting Tea


This is our newest addition to our Ayurveda herbal tea collection. Using a mix of Indian Spices and floral ingredients, this is a traditional Indian recipe with an addition of yerba maté to give you a more energised feeling.

As well as yerba maté, we mix in lemongrass, rose hip peel, ginger pieces, black pepper, cardamom, basil, rose petals and camomile to give this tea a whole load of heath benefits:

  • The lemongrass acts like a detox as well as aiding digestion and providing vitamins that your body may miss out on.
  • Cardamom, black pepper and ginger all help your body with stimulating metabolism and supports wait loss.
  • Basil is full of vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C as well as manganese, copper, calcium and iron that all help harmonise the body.
  • Rose hip is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K and his high in antioxidants.
  • Camomile helps the body to relax and keep you calm.

As well as having a handful of health benefits, this tea has a lovely freshly squeezed lemon aroma along with a golden yellow coloured liquor. You can really taste the floral notes from all the herbal teas and spices combining and leaves a little kick on the tongue.

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