Assam Tea Langharjan Estate TGFOP1


The Langharjan Estate was originally planted in 1912 over 460 acres of land in Assam, India. The name of the estate came from the British planters who put the words ‘Langhori’ and ‘Jan’ together to mean ‘Small River’ or ‘Small Stream’. In 1913, only 295 acres of crop was usable as the rest failed to grow, but today the estate is one of the highest yielding gardens is Assam, processing mainly orthodox tea.

Drinking this lovely black tea helps to keep you alert and energised, giving you a nice and natural boost without the crash after a few hours. Black teas also contain antioxidants that help to protect the body. As well as having all these health benefits, it also has lovely medium bodied flavourful tea with good biscuit-malt notes.

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