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The Hathikuli Tea Estate has long history with the Smith’s. Back in the 1900’s when Mr Stammers worked and became the manager of the Behora Tea Estate, he used to take the family out on day trips to the Kaziranga National Park via elephant and sometimes to visit the Hathikuli Estate’s Manager, who was a good friend of the Family as they only lived 20 miles away from the Behora Estate.

Janet Smith, who is the daughter of Mr Stammers, says that she remembers that the Estate staff used to cut the long Pampus grass into a long straight pathway. This was so visitors sitting on the bungalow’s veranda can see animals such as Tigers and Rhinos past across the pathway from the Kaziranga National Park.

The name ‘Hathikuli’ drives from the Assamese word for ‘Frequent Elephant’, which translates into a place that is frequently visited by elephants. Adjoining the Kaziranga National Park, the site falls into two districts; Golaghat and Karbi-Anglong and produces Organic Green Tea, Orthodox Tea and CTC.

Due to the closeness of the Kaziranga National Park, which is a World Heritage Site, the Estate made the decision to go Organic in 2007 but wasn’t completed until 2011. The organic status of the Estate has led to an increase of natural predators that feast on various pests that may blight the tea plant. The transformation to organic has even increased the soil structure and the number of earthworms in the Estate’s soil, compared to other compounds has increased- allowing for richer soil.

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