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Assam Borengajuli FBOP

The Assam tea estate of Borengajuli is situated on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in the Mangaldai district of Assam, where the Himalayan mountains are visible on a clear day. The bushes of this estate have been selected through natural cloning. This means that tea bushes that display outstanding characteristics: yield, abundance of ‘tips’, flavour, regular and consistent sized leaf were replanted in a tea nursery. Leaf cuttings were then taken from these bushes to grow a ‘mother stock’ of like tea bushes and from the mother stock cuttings were taken which were planted on the estate.

The result is a high yielding tea plantation whose produce exhibits exemplary flavour, bright coppery colour and outstanding leaf style. The Assam valley is dominated by the Brahmaphutra River- a large river which over millennia of flooding has deposited a rich loam over the valley. The soil is a deep and sandy and the region suffers a very hot and steamy monsoon season, but equally important a relatively dry and cool winter.

It is no wonder that Borengajuli has become one of the most sought after teas from Assam. Perfect conditions of the tea bush results in this tea being a flavoury, bright and full bodied tea with suberb malty highlights.

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