• New Year, New Tea!
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    News Tea for the New Year! Introducing our new teas so far in 2016. As you may be able to tell we are definitely going for a 'New Year, New You' Theme. The teas we have introduced so far are all

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  • It’s Detox Time!
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    It's Detox time! We know that you are all watching your waste lines....and pockets since the festive season! And we have just the thing to help, have just launched two new detox teas! We have

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  • Health Benefits of Hibiscus!
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    Hibiscus Whole Flowers Hibiscus flowers a beautiful scented red flowers which grow from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower. Caffeine free and contains antioxidants and is used to lower blood

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  • December 2015 Review Winners!
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    December 2015 Review Winners! Every month we do a review competition! When you place a review you are entered into our monthly draw to win one of Three Prizes of vouchers worth £10, £20 and £30

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  • Welsh Breakfast Tea
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    After much demand we have blended up this very fine breakfast tea to compliment our English, Irish and Scottish Breakfast Teas. A blend of single estate house Assam BOP from the Sontipur District

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  • New Darjeelings!
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    Darjeeling Highlands Silver Tip SFTGFOP1 This 1st Flush Darjeeling is a late harvest but it was definitely worth waiting for! Its bright champagne liquor is a credit to the high-quality taste from

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  • Tis the season…
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    ..To over eat and feel sluggish! Falalala, la, la, la! So, we have just introduced our Liquorice and Spearmint Herbal Tea and so far, it is flying off the shelf! The botanical name for Liquorice

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  • What a ‘Grand’ Idea!
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    We now have four new teas on our website which have been blended for The Grand Hotel, Brighton. These teas will be served as part of their luxury afternoon tea beverage selection and have been

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  • Orchid Berry
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    Sencha is produced by steaming the leaves, before drying, giving them higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants than other green teas. 'Sen' meaning green and 'cha' meaning tea, it literally as

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  • Our Review Winners November 2015
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    November 2015 Review Winners!  Every month we do a review competition! When you place a review you are entered into our monthly draw to win one of Three Prizes of vouchers worth £10, £20 and

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