• Kentish Breakfast Tea
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    Kentish Breakfast Loose Tea We have introduced a new Breakfast Tea to our range of Traditional Blends- The Kentish Breakfast Tea! Using Tea from the renowned Kenilworth Estate, Ceylon and our

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  • Summer Black Tea
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    Summer Black Tea This beautiful blend of bright flower petals and natural summer flavourings evokes a hot balmy day by the beach, listening to the lapping waves of the tide and the feelings of

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  • Kombucha Plum Green Tea
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    Kombucha Plum Green Tea Komucha is an age old fermented drink that has become very popular as a home brew in recent years. It is a slightly fizzy , sweet and sour beverage that is refreshing. Full

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  • Heritage Hard Water Tea
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    Heritage Hard Water Tea We have blended a mixture of strong black teas to create the perfect blend to use with hard water. 13 million household in the UK suffer from hard water and the water you

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  • Japanese Bancha Blend
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    Japanese Bancha Blend For this new Tea we have blended high quality Bancha Houghi Cha,with a green Bancha which has a large flat leaf which echoes a delicate, grassy taste. Bancha Houghi Cha is

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  • Darjeeling First Flushes 2016
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      Darjeeling First Flush 2016 Tea from the Darjeeling region of India are considered to be the 'Champagne of Teas', the first flush of the year is widely anticipated within the tea industry.

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  • Lullaby Tea
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    Lullaby Tea Using a blend of naturally relaxing herbs, fruits and flowers- this tea is the perfect mix to send you off to sleep. Research has shown that lemon balm has mild sedative qualities,

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  • Sencha Seaweed Wakame Tea
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    Sencha Seaweed Wakame Tea Our Sencha Seaweed Wakame is a blend of super ingredients, using; Yerba Mate, Green Tea and Seaweed, this is a super hero among tea! Wakame is used as a part of the

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